PDA – Mental Health and Peer Support Level 7

Scottish Recover Network together with Scottish Qualifications Authority has developed the above qualification for those who are working, or wish to work, as a Mental Health Peer Support Worker.  The Professional Development Award is constructed to assist individuals to understand the role of the Peer Worker and how to apply the ethos of this in practice.

This Professional Development Award (PDA) consists of two HN units.  The first is the academic underpinning knowledge about the role of Peer Support working – Mental Health Peer Support – Recovery Context.  It covers the history of the progress of Peer Support Working and provides information on the ethos of Peer Support.  The second unit – Mental Health Peer Support – Developing Practice is where candidates can apply the knowledge gained in the first unit to their work practice.  A key requirement of a peer support worker is to have Lived Experience and to be able to use this in the support of others.

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Mental Health Peer Support

Please see the attached document Experts by Experience.  This is a document produced by Scottish Recovery Network and was written as a guidance to support the developing role of Peer Support work in the Mental Health Sector.